Forms Maintenance

This is Forms Maintenance page for maintaining the FormsData database.

Forms maintenance allows you maintain the tables in the FormsData database. Each menu option corresponds to a table in the database. Selecting the option allows you to add, change, or delete rows in the database table.

The FormsData database is a SQL Server CE 4.0 embedded database (FormsData.sdf). All database access is performed by using an Object Relational Mapper (Entity Framework 6.0) in the C# language. The database access was coded using LINQ to Entities.  Most of the code used the Method (lambda) syntax, but there are occasional usages of the Query (Comprehension) syntax or a combination of the two.

The FormsData database is used with pages which are coded using the Web Forms framework. A corresponding MvcData database is used with the pages which are coded using the MVC framework. All the pages under Forms Maintenance were coded using Web Forms. Corresponding pages for the MVC Maintenance section where coded using MVC.

//Query syntax:
IEnumerable<int> numQuery1 = from num in numbers
                             where num % 2 == 0
                             orderby num
                             select num;

//Method syntax:
IEnumerable<int> numQuery2 = numbers.Where(num => num % 2 == 0).OrderBy(n => n);